Those who have been to a Bills game know that it can get pretty rowdy at times.  Should people be bringing their kids there?

Yesterday we heard a story about a family that went to the Bills game on Sunday and had a really bad experience.  Someone allegedly poured beer on her 9-year-old son and told them that essentially that's what you get for bringing a kid to the game.

So let's ask the question.  Do kids belong at Bills Games?

I believe they do, wholeheartedly.

It's a game!

Why wouldn't a kid belong there?  It's meant to be fun.  That's why they call it a game.

But there are drunk people there

There sure are.  That sounds like a bigger problem than a little kid being there to see their favorite star do what they do best.  And I'm not saying that there shouldn't be alcohol at a football game.  I love to have a beer while I watch my team.  This is about people who don't know how to act in public when they've had a couple too many.

Would you bring your kid to a bar then?

Nope.  Bars are meant for adults to go and enjoy adult beverages.  A football game is meant for people to go watch a game and support their team.  There's a huge difference.

San Diego Chargers v Buffalo Bills
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Ask Josh Allen who he would prefer to be at that game and I would be willing to bet that he would say all of you.  He wants fans in the seats.  All the players do.  They don't care how old they are.  If you're there to support the team, that's what they want.  They want the crazy rabid fans who get loud and crazy, but they also want the young wide-eyed fans that can't believe they're able to go there to support their team too.

Why do you think they pull these kids out of the stands to play catch with them?  Why do they do their best to sign everything they ask them to sign? Why do they toss their game gloves into the stands as they head to the locker room? This is how fanbases and the next generation of players grow.  If kids stop going to games, who is going to care about it in 50 years?

Every one of those players that take the field every Sunday were going to games not too long ago.  They were kids too.

Maybe it's not the kids that shouldn't be there, but the people who can't see the bigger picture.

So what do you think?  Do kids belong at Bills games?

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