Assemblyman Marc Butler and Senator Robert Ortt have unveiled legislation that repeals portions of Governor Andrew Cuomo's SAFE Act throughout Upstate New York and Long Island.

The legislation would allow New York City to remain under provisions of the SAFE Act.

Butler says the bill was originally crafted for Upstate New York, but it gained support from sportsmen on Long Island and Westchester, who asked that their regions be added to the legislation.

“What has always been one of our greatest strengths as a nation is our tolerance and understanding of our regional differences, New York State needs to learn this same lesson. My legislation is meant to reverse the efforts of New York City liberals through the so-called SAFE Act that have undermined our values, our rights and safety,” said Butler. “

The legislation would restore the previously existing definition of an "assault weapon", repeal excessive storage requirements outlined in the SAFE Act and prohibit the creation of a statewide license and record database.

It would also repeal the five-year re-certification requirement for pistol permits.

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