Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon held a news conference on Friday to discuss the domestic violence package that passed this week in the Assembly.

Buttenschon says the package includes measures to provide more resources to help domestic violence survivors get out of dangerous situations and hold their abusers accountable.

The legislation would allow domestic violence victims to cancel cable or telephone contracts and streamlines the procedure for early lease termination.

She says in many domestic abuse situations, abusers control the victim's finances or have isolated victims from family, friends and resources, inhibiting their ability to leave.

"No one should feel trapped in an abusive situation by a cellphone plan or lease," Buttenschon said. "By giving victims the ability to cancel contracts or vote by mail, these bills help survivors cut ties, making it harder for abusers to contact victims, giving them the peace of mind to begin rebuilding their lives."

The package also includes a measure to streamline the procedure for early lease termination by victims of domestic violence, prohibit landlords from disclosing the termination of tenancy to future landlords and impose penalties for violations

Representatives of the YWCA Mohawk Valley and Oneida County Sheriff's Office and District Attorney's Office were also in attendance.


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