Conservative and former Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino told WIBX's Keeler on Tuesday that the new agreement between the New York Legislature and the Governor's office is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

NY Senator James Seward talking to Keeler on Monday, seemed pleased over a new ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ that would rollback certain parts of the NY Safe Act involving ammunition; however, Paladino believes the agreement does nothing.

Listen to the Paladino interview here-

The MOS was touted by Senator Jim Seward as an understanding that would prevent background checks for people purchasing ammunition and was originally supposed to allow people to purchase ammunition over the web.  However, a spokesperson for the Governor told the Syracuse Post Standard that the rules for purchasing ammunition online will still not be allowed.  When asked if ammunition could be purchased online, Seward told WIBX’s Bill Keeler that he was waiting for the lawyers to work that out.

Paladino says this new agreement does nothing.  "It's all smoke and mirrors," said Paladino.