When Ilion and Mohawk schools merged in the fall of 2013, many area residents were concerned about each school losing their individual identity and history, but a new project aims to protect that history.

Central Valley Academy Superintendent Dr. Rich Hughes has proposed a 'Hall of Fame' that will celebrate those who have served the district, the community, or distinguished themselves during or after their high school career whether at Ilion High, Mohawk High or at the current CVA.

Hughes spoke with The Valley Side about the project:

“There’s a lot of history between the two districts. We don’t want these kids to forget where they came from and who came before them."

Hughes said the Hall will focus on academics, and not strictly on athletics as some other schools have done with their Halls of Fame.

The three main categories of the Hall of Fame will include contributors and supporters of the district, Alumni, and faculty and staff.

The inaugural induction ceremony is scheduled to be held this November, with 20 individual or team inductees, with a maximum of eight inductees each following year.

Initial nominations can be made online at the CVA website and will be accepted from the current CVA community and the Mohawk and Ilion communities at large. All nominations must be submitted by September 1.

Hughes also said they will be looking for volunteers from the communities to help choose the Hall of Fame winners from the nominations.

Those volunteers will join school principals, a teachers union representative and Hughes himself among others to pick the inductees.

Hughes is hoping for a strong enough reception from the community that this become a popular yearly tradition.

“Hopefully it shows kids that they come from great stock and will demonstrate what can be accomplished when they put their minds to it," Hughes said.

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