The big game is just a couple of weeks away. Unfortunately, none of the teams I root for will be in the hunt for the Vince Lombardi Trophy on Sunday, February 13th. While I root for the New York Giants, and who knows when they may ever get back to a winning season, I was rooting for the Buffalo Bills.

I keep thinking back to those four big games losses the Bill fans had to suffer through, and while this year will not be the year, they have a young team and a bright future. At least we can hope. Same for the New York Giants if the new leadership can turn the team around.

I would like to see a couple of changes in the NFL. One, I think the overtime rules need to change. A coin toss with both teams getting a chance to score and then sudden death would be better for the game in my opinion.

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The other, I think the big game should be played on a Saturday night rather than Sunday night. According to MY NBC 5, a student who attends Bayside High School in Florida has started a petition to ask the NFL to do just that.

His reasoning is that if the game moves to a Saturday rather than Sunday, is because on Monday after the game, over 17 million people miss work or are less productive at work. I suppose that makes sense.

MY NBC 5 states that the student, Frank Ruggeri started the petition two years ago and the last I checked on as of today (January 28th)  there are almost 115,000 signatures. I think the day change would be a good thing. What are your thoughts?

via MY NBC 5,

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