A big project is going on in the city of Little Falls. John Krasinski of "The Office" fame and his wife Emily Blunt are in town to film their upcoming movie, "A Quiet Place." The people of Little Falls are thrilled to have the cast and crew in town.

As a result of the Hollywood folks stopping by several streets were shut down for production, but the residents of Little Falls will reap the benefits of their presence. Mayor Mark Blask says, "Really positive out here, I mean the stars have been so great with the folks that came out to watch the filming. John Krasinski spent a long time last night after they finished shooting. He didn't leave until everyone got a selfie."

Mayor Blask also talked about the economic benefits of the actors and workers being in town. Blask says, "At some point we'll be able to put a best guess on the number. It's definitely a nice infusion of cash into the area." Even Krasinski and Blunt were seen dining at a local breakfast establishment.

One of the key elements to this whole project was the cooperation of the citizens in Little Falls. Businesses were willing to shut down for two days to allow this opportunity to put their city on the map. With Little Falls cooperating and collaborating on this project, it will make them more apt to come back.

Enjoy all the photos above courtesy of Judy Ruffing.

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