One of the hardest parts of giving up drink for some people is the taste or satisfaction of an ice cold whatever after a long day of work. It's always good to crack open a beer and enjoy it on a hot summer day. Well, what if I said there was a way to enjoy the refreshing taste of your favorite beer WITHOUT the alcohol?

More and more people each day are giving up booze and not just because of addiction or drinking problems. Many people are giving it up for reasons of mental focus and clarity. In fact the trend is becoming so widespread bars and restaurants are stepping up their "mocktail" and non-alcoholic games. Several bars have whole sections of their menus dedicated to those who are "on the wagon" and now you can even go to your grocery store or local beer store to get your hands on some amazing NA (non-alcoholic) beers.

When many people think of non-alcoholic beer, they think of that nasty brand O'Douls. Now, I personally have never drank it but many say it's just plain awful. Well, several companies are growing hip to the trend of dry drinkers and created alcohol free beer that is absolutely decision and doesn't sacrifice taste.

One particular company named Athletic Brewing Company is taking the NA world by storm creating multiple flavors of brews that would satisfy the craft beer, IPA drinker in your life. As long as someone doesn't get triggered by the taste of this crisp beverage, it gives the satisfaction and refreshment of a real beer without the headaches, bad decisions or morning regrets. You can get a wide variety of flavors in your local grocery store or craft beer shop.

Andrew Derminio
Andrew Derminio

But, the phenomenon isn't exclusive to Athletic Brewing Company. Major beer makers like Heineken, Blue Moon and Guinness have all created versions of their classic brew without the alcohol. They did it without sacrificing flavor.

SO, if you've ever wanted to make the choice to free yourself from a life of alcohol consumption and still want to enjoy the great flavor of a good beer, there are options available. You can get several great NA varieties locally at places like,

Marcy Discount Beverage - Marcy, NY

Price Chopper - North Utica

Beer Here - New Hartford, NY

Beer Belly Bob's - Ilion, NY

So let your life of sobriety begin and don't let the decision to eliminate booze from your life get you down. You can also get a variety of non-alcoholic liquors on Amazon! Open up your inner mock mixologist today.

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