Utica, NY (WIBX) - The City of Utica sold more than 100 parcels of property this year, both city-owned vacant residential and business properties transferred hands, including 26 vacant lots. The City of Utica's Urban Renewal Agency sold off 85 properties in 2012 and another 20 properties were sold at auction over the Summer. The most notable commercial properties that sold include the old Bossert site, the Downtown Harza building and the former Cosmopolitan Center.

Andrew Brindisi, the City's Sales Coordinator for Urban Renewal says the sale of residential properties has been going very well too. "People have been buying the property next to their homes, it helps the taxpayer because we don't have to maintain those homes any longer" Brindisi said, adding that "It's been very successful".

Brindisi says the sale of City owned vacant property will continue in 2013.

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