The Buffalo Bills are gearing up to host the New England Patriots for what will be the first time the two teams have ever played in a playoff game.

This Saturday night at 8:15 pm at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park. The game will be the second to be played for the NFL's Super Wild Card Weekend, and will be aired nationally on CBS.

The Bills won the AFC East with an 11-6 record, while New England finished with a record of 10-7. The game will be the 3-6 seeding matchup in the AFC.

Here in Western New York, we pride ourselves on the snow and cold. The December games in Orchard Park can get very cold and when the Bills play in January for the playoffs, those game can get even colder.

This Wild Card game between the Patriots and Bills will be one of thee coldest games in Buffalo Bills history.

The Weather Channel is forecasting a chilly night in Orchard Park. The temperature will be 1 degree with a slight wind. That's right, 1 DEGREE.

Looking back at past Bills home games, the coldest game ever played in Orchard Park at Highmark Stadium was January 15th, 1994, when thee Bills hosted the Raiders. Game time temps were 0 degrees with a -32-degree wind chill.

As far as history goes, the Bills played the Jets at Rich Stadium a few weeks before that in 9-degree weather and a wind chill of -28. The Bills played the Raiders in December of 1988 in 11-degreee weather with a wind chill of -14. They also played in 12-degree weather against the Colts on January 3rd, 2010 to close out the 2009 regular season.

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This game will be one of the two or three coldest games in Bills history. The wind chill probably won't match that January, 1994 game against the Raiders, but it will come very close to matching or breaking it in actual temperature.

If you're going to the stadium, bundle up as best you can. Wear as many layers as you can and make sure to double your socks and even your gloves.

We'll see how Patriots quarterback Mac Jones handles the temperatures. He's never played in a game this cold in college or the NFL, and it isn't even close.

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