In a surprise move, this year's Screen Gems Comic-Con panel turned most of its attentions and energies to a film without a cast, a director, or a script in place: the long-teased 'The Last of Us' feature film. The film was officially announced back in March, and producer Sam Raimi and video game creator Neil Druckmann (who is now officially on board to write the script for the film) popped up at this afternoon's panel to talk about the feature film as part of Screen Gems' future-leaning panel.

When the film was first announced, the news was very much framed as a future project and, despite this remarkably well-received panel, that doesn't seem to have changed much. Live-blogging from the panel, ComingSoon's Ed Douglas wrote: "No word when this will come out but Raimi mentions that it won't come out for years but they wanted to make an announcement here." Still, Raimi and Druckmann were soon inundated with questions about possible casting picks. A hot name? Maisie Williams.

Druckmann and Raimi told the crowd that they've met with the 'Game of Thrones' dynamo about the role of Ellie. i09 classifies it as "a very promising meeting," but still, the news that the feature is still far off seems to make this sound like a moot point. Williams is already seventeen, and though she can still play younger, Ellie is a 14-year-old at the start of the video game. Perhaps some aging up is in order?

Amusingly enough, all of that Williams-centric chatter happened in Hall H, mere hours before the 'Game of Thrones' star was set to hit the stage to talk about the HBO hit. We hope the young actress is prepped for some big 'Last of Us' questions, because she's probably going to get them in droves.

Who do you think should star in 'The Last of Us' film?

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