Community leaders and advocates from the 22nd Congressional District are calling on Claudia Tenney to return $5,400 in campaign donations from hedge fund billionaire Daniel Loeb.

Trinh Truong of the Alliance for Quality Education says Loeb supports the privatization of public schools.

She says private charter schools actually compete for funding with traditional public schools.

Truong says Loeb also recently made a racist attack on State Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Cousins-Stewart, saying the African-American leader has done more damage to communities of color than the KKK.

The Utica Community groups are joining other organizations around the state who are calling on elected officials to return campaign contributions they've received from Loeb.

A spokesperson for Congresswoman Claudia Tenney says,

It's clear that in Anthony Brindisi's world of politics governed by the rules of Cuomo, Silver and Halbritter, a campaign contribution means you have to give the donor something in return. That's the corrupt, pay-to-play culture Claudia Tenney has always fought.  Claudia always votes the interests of the district regardless of the positions of her donors.  Claudia always stands up for public schools.  If Anthony Brindisi wants to get into a discussion about people like Nancy Pelosi bankrolling his campaign, we look forward to it.  We will use the contribution to expose Brindisi for who he really is, and his radical left-wing funders. Consider it a public service.

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