Police in Overton, Tex. shut down a lemonade stand operated by two sisters, ages 7 and 8, because they didn't have a permit. And that was just the beginning of their nightmare.

After cops told the mother of Andria Green, 8, and her sister Zoey, 7, that they needed a permit to operate the stand (where they also offered kettle corn) they put up to raise $105 to send their dad to a nearby theme park for Father's Day, a family friend ran out to get the necessary paperwork. Simple, right? Not quite.

While the town agreed to waive the $150 permit fee, the girls learned they had to have their stand licensed by the county health department because, according to KLTV:

Texas House Bill 970, or the Texas Baker's Bill, prohibits the sale of food which requires time or temperature control to prevent spoilage. Since lemonade technically must be refrigerated to prevent the growth of bacteria, by law, the girls can not sell it without an inspection and permit."

The girls' mother calls the entire matter "ridiculous," although Overton police plan to stick to the letter of the law.

The girls, who had made $25 in the hour they had been at the stand before the cops came calling, plan to open the stand again this weekend -- but only to accept donations.


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