It looks like two area stores will be closing their doors in 2017.

According to an employee who wishes to remain anonymous, employees of the New Hartford Kmart were told of the closing in a recent meeting.

The anonymous employee said, "We're set to be out in April."


Along with that, the employee says the store no longer offers Western Union services, or layaway. Lottery ticket sales have also stopped.

The source says employees were told a liquidator will arrive at the New Hartford store in as little as two weeks to begin the liquidation of the store's merchandise and stock.

The closing of the New Hartford Kmart comes as no real surprise.

In 2016, Sears Holdings - Kmart's parent company has already closed dozens of stores across the U.S.

Representative at both the local and corporate KMart stores refused to comment or confirm the rumors, but a post on confirms the closing.

The Sears Outlet in Rome will also be closing their doors, but earlier than April.

A store employee confirmed to Big Frog 104 that the Sears Outlet will be closing down at the end of January.

There is no word yet on who or what will fill the vacant spots left by Sears and Kmart.

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