The number of craft beverage manufacturers in New York state has grown by 50 percent since the enactment of the Craft New York Act three years ago.

The Governor's office says since December of 2014, 340 new craft beverage businesses have opened their doors across the state.

The Craft Act cut requirements placed on producers and eased restrictions regarding the marketing of craft products.

"This administration has worked hard to cut red tape, lower costs and roll back burdensome regulations for New York's craft beverage industry - efforts that are clearly paying off in every corner of this great state," Governor Andrew Cuomo said. "I'm proud of the continued growth of this sector, which has created jobs, spurred tourism, supported New York farms and led to the creation of top-notch world-renown products."

New York now ranks in the top five in the U.S for the number of craft beverage producers in every category.

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