Remember Crystal Pepsi from The 1990s? Well, it has made its way back on to store shelves in Central New York, but will only be around for a limited time. We had people around the office give it a try. Many people reacted the same, thinking it was Sprite, or watered down 7-Up. No doubt the color of the retro soda had something to do with that.

There is not much difference between the Crystal Pepsi, and the original Pepsi. If you look at the list of ingredients, the only thing that sets them apart are a few ingredients that would add color.

Andy Cash
Andy Cash

Crystal Pepsi was first released back in 1992, and only lasted a little less than a year. It spent a little more time in stores in Canada and Australia. It also made a brief U.S. comeback in December of 2015, but now it has been released with the same look and same taste as the original over 20 years later. You can only get this product in 20 oz. bottles wherever Pepsi products are sold. If you're a huge fan, be sure to stock up.

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