Albany, NY (WIBX) - Governor Cuomo approved a measure today, that includes tax breaks and other incentives to help boost the growing craft brewing industry in the state. The bill recognizes farm breweries, permits sales of New York cider, as well as, waives certain fees.

Senator Patty Ritchie, the bill's sponsor, says the new law will help strengthen a growing industry, increase demand for locally-grown farm products, while providing a boost to our state's economy. The new law was sponsored in the Assembly by Agriculture Committee Chairman Bill Magee.

Some of the key highlights in the bill, S.7727, include:

Recognizes “Farm Breweries”

Similar to winery operations now permitted on farms, farmers will be able to craft-brew “New York” beer with specific levels of locally grown ingredients, gradually increasing from 20 percent to 90 percent by 2024.

Permits Sales of “New York cider”

Farmers would be able to produce and sell “hard cider” made from 100 percent New York ingredients.

Permits off-premise sales

The new law permits farm breweries to sell New York State labeled beer for off-premises consumption, open restaurants adjacent to their breweries, conduct tastings, and sell beer making equipment, supplies, food complementing beer tastings, souvenir items and other products.

Waives fees

Farm breweries producing 1,500 barrels or less annually will be exempt from an annual “brand label fee,” as well as certain other tax and filing fees.

The law also requires that, by 2024, 90 percent of ingredients in farm-brewery products are grown or produced in New York State.