Governor Andrew Cuomo says as cases of the coronavirus increase across the nation, New York is one of the exceptions.

Cuomo says COVID-19 cases are going down even after re-opening.

He says coronavirus hospitalizations are down to their lowest level since the pandemic began.

The number of total hospitalizations was down Sunday to 1,608 to lowest level since the pandemic began.

25 people in New York died yesterday due to COVID-19, which is the lowest level on a three-day average since the pandemic began.

Cuomo says New York went from having the worst numbers to the best infection rates in the United States.

The governor says it’s up to New York to stay the course and keep the numbers down.

Cuomo also announced that the limit on gathering has increased to 25 people, up from the 10-person limit put in place in March.

"As more regions look to enter Phase Three across the state and our numbers continue to go down, we're going to modify the guidelines to allow gatherings up to 25 people, which is up from 10 people," Cuomo said. "The people of New York should be very proud of the work we've accomplished together to bring these numbers down, but we must remain vigilant.

Meanwhile, the Western New York Region will be entering Phase Three of reopening on Tuesday, while the Capital Region is expected to move into Phase Three on Wednesday.

Monday is day 107 of COVID-19 crisis in New York.


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