Albany, NY (WIBX) - In light of the blizzard clean up controversy in New York City, Governor Andrew Cuomo is announcing the state's readiness as it braces for the next snow storm.

The governor said his administration has taken all the necessary steps to mobilize coordinated efforts with other agencies to ensure a timely clean up this time. Cuomo also opened the State Emergency Operations Center to position equipment and other resources to respond to any storm related issues, according to the report.

Communications Director for the Department of Transportation, Deborah Sturm Rausch said, "The DOT is certainly part of the State Emergency Management Center and in that regard will be doing its part. We obviously have great responsibility for keeping the roads safe. We take that responsibility very seriously, the plows will be out. People can expect that the roads will be cleared as soon as possible."

According to the latest weather report, the Big Apple is expecting another foot of snow this week. The slow clean up process after the blizzard last month has the federal government investigating allegations of corruption, after city sanitation workers complained that they were instructed by union bosses to slow down the clean up process to earn over time.

Rausch said, "There are many plows and drivers ready and just as soon as the snow starts you can expect to see them out there. In fact, there are management operators out there now salting the roads and making sure that they are ready for the incoming snow."  Rausch is also urging New Yorkers to exercise caution if they have to go out into a snow storm. Also, she cautions motorists give the plows plenty of room to operate.

For winter weather travel updates go to: for real time travel reports or call 511 for travel information. Also, is another tool the DOT is providing for NYS travelers.