Marcy, NY (WIBX) - Governor Andrew Cuomo toured the Mohawk Valley today to see how the region spent last year's regional economic development council grant.

Among the stops on Cuomo's tour were the Griffiss Institute and the Marcy Technology Complex at SUNYIT.

The governor says the Mohawk Valley's advancements push toward a state-wide goal, while regions continue to compete for important grants.

"I want to make sure that we're using taxpayer money wisely and we're investing in the best plans that have a high likelihood of success," Cuomo said. "This is about creating jobs, and I support taxpayer investment to create jobs. But, I want to make sure that we're actually creating the jobs. That's what the competition helps us do."

For Dan Pickett, Chairman and CEO of Nfrastructure, by investing in nanotech and other emerging technologies, everyone benefits.

"You see how broad that impact is," Pickett said. "You see the restaurants busier. You see the farmer selling more product, and really, and you can see education developing faster."

Since receiving the grant money, nearly all 59 of the outlined projects in the region's Consolidated Funding Application are underway, creating more than 1,800 permanent jobs.