In the aftermath of Charlottesville, New Yorkers could see tougher hate crime laws. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing legislation that would add new hate crime categories: inciting to riot and rioting that targets protected classes.

The new penalties would make rioting a more serious felony, and starting a riot would go from being a misdemeanor to a felony.

"The ugly events that took place in Charlottesville must never be repeated, and in New York we're going to stand united against hate in all of its forms,"  Cuomo said. "Our diversity is our strength and this legislation will help protect New Yorkers and send a clear signal that violence and discrimination have no place in our society. New York is one community and one family, and we will never stop fighting to ensure the safety and equal treatment of all New Yorkers."

The announcement comes one day after Cuomo signed a law giving prosecutors tougher ways to punish those who make bomb threats against community centers.  That bill came after Jewish sites were harassed.

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