When the weather get's nasty, and you have to travel, wouldn't it be nice to see what the roads look like ahead of time? Well, the New York State Thruway does offer several options on the way to take a peak at current road conditions. 

Camera Options

For the Central New York, and Western New York region, the Thruway authority offers over 20 cameras to check out. They also offer the option to see West views, and East views. You can find all of the camera options here.


Traveler Map

The Traveler Map option shows road conditions, accident reports, roadwork, travel advisories, and plenty more options. The map lets you choose plenty of options what to see, and you could plan a travel route around any issues.


Regional Advisory Messages

These messages from the Thruway are posted for specific areas along your route.


Emergency Detour Routes

When accidents happen, weather becomes a problem, or construction becomes an issue, the Thruway provides a detailed list of detour routes.


Toll and Distance Calculator

Need to know how much your travel will cost? The Thruway provides a simple toll and distance calculator.


Emergency/Roadside Assistance

Need some assistance on the road? This helpful guide will be your best friend.




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