I watched the debate on Thursday night and I have to say, how in the world could this have ever happened in 2024? Can't we do better than these two candidates, and after watching President Biden's sad performance, can't Democrats do better than this?

One would think at this point we understand the "party" should never come before America. That's what Democrats have been preaching. They say Republicans are putting Trump before America and the irony of it all, is that's exactly what Dems have done with Biden. Clearly, President Biden needs to allow another Democrat to step forward and run against Donald Trump. However, they are putting the party and the President ahead of the country - and it's no different than what Republicans have done with Trump. That's what Democrats are saying after watching this debate.

When I watch Congress choose party over country over and over again, it infuriates me that these Representatives are unwilling to stand up for their constituents and their country. It's really inexcusable. No wonder America is divided. They see things clearly and can not understand how our elected officials can ignore what's best for the nation.

Joe Biden's performance during this debate is historic. I don't think we've ever seen anything like it ever in the history of America. It's despicable that the National Democratic Party allowed this debate to ever happen. It's shameful.

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