Not long ago I started compiling a list of things my adorably curious son would say on a daily basis. They range from words he mispronounces, to things he misunderstands, to questions he asks and other notable quotes that I treasure. He outdid himself last week!

Carter is now 3-and-a-half-years-old and while we've been working to potty train him at a slow pace, he was still been wearing a diaper until about two weeks ago. Initially the reward of a STICKER! seemed to be be enough to motivate him to 'go potty like a big boy!'. But, that faded over a few weeks.

He's now donning super hero underwear, and no more diapers! Save for a few accidents, he's done amazingly well!!!

But, while visiting my mother last week, my brother (AKA Uncle Josh) brought Carter the bathroom so he could 'go' like a big boy. After taking him into the bathroom, my brother told Carter: 'Ok, now go potty and I'll give you some privacy.' Then closed the door and went back to the living room.

A few minutes later, Carter comes out of the bathroom and says: I'm done! I went potty. Can I have my privacy now?!?! (Except he actually called in piracy).

Uncle Josh tried to explain to Carter that he already had given him his privacy. Confused, my son responds: No you didn't, where is it?!?!

He thought it was a toy or some reward for his achievement. While he didn't get any 'privacy' for his accomplishment, the rest of got quite a kick out of his misunderstanding of the word!

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