My son is now approach 4! (I can't believe how quickly time flies.)

This week, I was going through my burgeoning cupboard where I keep cups, glasses and travel containers to find some of Carter's older plastic cups that he hadn't used in a while. He's moved on to 'big boy cups', or big-ger boy cups (short plastic ones without a lid).

I was shocked at what I found in two of his baby cups!

These are the plastic 'sippy' ones that have a screw on lid with handles. The 'sippy' part of the cup is made from a plastic/rubbery material, with a soft nozzle that allows kids to bite down on them with out hurting their mouth or teeth. Two of these cups were very clean. Two others were not.


The grime and, presumably, mold I found growing under two of the sippy cups was something you should know about and frequently check if you have toddlers who are using similar cups.

It's easy for parents who are cleaning the inside of the cups to forget to remove and clean under the clear, chewy, suction part.

Here's what I found under one of mine (this was the worse of the two):


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