There's a lot that the rest of the United States gets wrong about New York, but there's some stereotypes about us that are right on the nose.

10 Totally True Stereotypes about New York

When I moved to New York in June, I came in with some expectations about what life would be like here. I spent my life growing up in Connecticut, but also spent a few years living in New York City.

When I moved to Utica, I realized what stereotypes were really true and completely false about the state and it's pretty hilarious.

No. 1 - Upstate New York Looks down on New York City

Photo by Steve Richey on Unsplash
Photo by Steve Richey on Unsplash

It's amazing how practically the rest of the United States, except New York itself, thinks NYC is a pretty alright place. Tourists love visiting for the musicals, food, culture, and attractions.

Meanwhile, Upstate New Yorkers scoff at NYC and wish the island of Manhattan would break off the continent and float out to sea. The Big Apple is so dissimilar from the rest of the state, it really widens the divide. The rest of the state really can't stand the idea of being compared to NYC and vehemently reject the notion that they have anything in common.

Since moving to the area, I realize how annoying it can be to have a state of nearly 9 million people be reduced to just one city. Whenever there is a national roundup about best schools, food, attractions and what else that is worthy of a mention - the limelight seems to always fall on NYC and nowhere else.

Best tacos? New York City. Best schools? This private institution in New York City. Best neighborhoods? These areas that literally no regular American can afford in, you guessed it, New York City.

It's no wonder the rest of New York drinks a big glass of hate-orade when it comes to the Big Apple.

No. 2 - NYC Thinks It's Better Than the Rest of the State

This goes without question that this is emphatically true. As a place that gets all the national attention, NYC has an inflated ego when it comes to everything it does. People who live there think it's a big privilege to have a Manhattan zip code.

As someone who lived in NYC, it really isn't all that - unless you love hearing sirens 24/7 and paying $10 for a box of cereal.

No. 3 - New Yorkers Think Their Cuisine Is the Best


New Yorkers, especially here in Central New York, take their local culinary delights very seriously. People here truly believe the best tomato pie, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, bakeries, pubs, and more is only located in the region and nowhere else in the state.

This definitely contributes to the rest of the Empire State's growing contempt for NYC, which seemingly collects every food award out there. Chances are these national food roundups would be a bit more believable if these food critics considered places other than just the Big Apple and the immediately surrounding area.

No. 4 - New York's Spelling and Pronunciations Don't Add Up

While Massachusetts loves to flaunt the fact that a good number of their cities and towns have spellings that don't match their pronounciation at all, New York has some pretty rough offerings as well.

Sometimes natives even have trouble pronouncing certain cities and towns if they didn't grow up close to the area. Some bruisers include Skaneateles, Dolgeville, Coxsackie, Schoharie, Canandaigua, Schroeppel, Oneonta, and many others.

In addition, if you mispronounce any of those names and a New Yorker overhears you - they will correct you. And they will be offended. For reasons.

No. 5 - New Yorkers Have OPINIONS

Continuing from the last stereotype, New Yorkers have extremely strong opinions and they are not afraid to share them. While some may mistake this behavior as being rude and abrasive - it really means New Yorkers are willing to share their ideas and engage in a conversation.

The thought that offering a differing opinion may be considered rude to other parts of the nation - looking at you, California - it really comes down to New Yorkers' enjoyment of talking and comfort in being direct.

The upside is that if you see someone wearing the logo of your favorite sports team, that's a green light that person wants to chat about them. However, if you say something they disagree with, prepare to have a 10-point dissertation about why that opinion is wrong.

No. 6 - New Yorkers Can't Agree Where "Upstate" Is


Where does "Upstate New York" officially start? New Yorkers can't seem to agree where the border is. Those living in NYC believe Upstate is anywhere north of them while the rest of the state war over where Central, Upstate, and Western New York's boundaries lie.

If you go around with a map of the state and ask people from different cities what they consider Upstate, you won't get a consensus. The same goes for asking if Utica is considered an Upstate city. Shockingly to a majority of New Yorkers and people nationwide, it is considered Upstate... but you can't call it Upstate if you're in Central New York.

See how confusing the above sentence is? New York has its own self-imposed identity crisis and I don't think it'll ever be resolved.

No. 7 - New York Drivers Are Aggravating

Sorry to those who say this stereotype is false - it's not. Here's why. New York does have a large amount of terrible drivers who either blow red lights and stop signs, or tailgate and weave around traffic like an eel with a rocket up its butt.  A lot of the bad driving behaviors here aren't so common in other states.

Statistically, that's because New York is more densely populated so the share of horrible drivers is higher than states with smaller populations.

Because we have a larger share of visibly bad and aggressive drivers, the rest of us have become extremely defensive drivers out of survival. We make driving decisions that wouldn't make sense in other states - like waiting a few seconds after the light turns green to avoid getting T-boned.

No. 8 - New Yorkers Are Fast Paced

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Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

New Yorkers like efficiency, especially when it comes to their free time. When doing tasks they take little enjoyment in, they don't waste a moment. It's not that New Yorkers are impatient, they would just rather spend time on things they enjoy.

A way to illustrate the argument is to consider those waiting in line to be seated at a restaurant - New Yorkers tend to make it clear they are not enjoying themselves. However, when seated at the dinner table, they take their time having conversations and eating good food.

In short, New Yorkers like prioritizing the little free time they have and that's called being efficient.

No. 9 - New Yorkers Are Softies with Tough Exteriors

While Empire Staters rarely suffer fools, people here are kind. People here will give you directions or help you change a tire because they can. In stores, they will even let people with one item cut them in line - and then engage in a pleasant conversation.

Just because residents are direct and prioritize their time, that doesn't render them unable to help others.

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Plus, when it comes to fundraising for causes like Big Frog's St. Jude radiothon, New Yorkers step up!

No. 10 - New York Is One Big Melting Pot

Getty Images
Getty Images

I don't think I have to expand on this one. Utica has a large population of immigrants from all over the world and the cultures tend to blend together. This is represented in the number of restaurants serving ethnic food and the diverse neighborhoods across the area.

While some may think this stereotype is lame - it's because it's a very well-known fact here in the Empire State but not so much else nationwide.

Did I miss any stereotypes that are totally accurate? Or did this CT-transplant get something lost in translation?  Let me know in the comments below.

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