Like a scene straight out of a horror movie, oversized rats are beginning to overrun neighborhoods in Rome and no one seems to know where they're coming from.

Rats Running Amok

Photo by Svetozar Cenisev on Unsplash
Photo by Svetozar Cenisev on Unsplash

One street in Rome has been dealing with a rat infestation for months on end with no relief in sight. Supersized rats that rivaled the size of squirrels began scurrying into households on Franklyn Street about a year ago and, now, they're starting to spread to other streets.

Upset residents have been begging the Rome Common Council for help and worry the situation could soon get out of control.

During Wednesday's Council meeting, several residents made it clear that the rats need to go, as they have had for months. In December, a resident identified as Naomi Oshel, told the Common Council the rodents have caused "extreme amounts of damage" to homes on the street.

During the previous meeting, she went on to describe residents seeing rats run across their living room floors and how their presence has been negatively affecting their lives.

Despite everything, no one has yet pinpointed where the rats are coming from nor found what's causing the rats to descend upon Franklyn Street and the surrounding areas.

One Suspect Named

Residents have long blamed one residential property that has a chicken coop for attracting the rats. They say the rodents are attracted to the feed, eggs and mess the chickens create.

Due to these suspicions, several neighbors had signed a petition demanding the Council intervene and presented it during last month's meeting.

Dani Millington via Unsplash
Dani Millington via Unsplash


Seventh Ward Councilor David Sbaraglia provided an update to the petition and told residents that he and the City Code Enforcement Office personally investigated the suspicious coop and found no signs of an infestation. Sbaraglia added the coop's owner committed no codes violations, either.

Meaning, everyone is still on square one - which just so happened to be surrounded by rodents of unusual size.

Rats Aren't the Only Problem

New York State has been grappling with a boom in pest populations due to the wetter and warmer-than-usual seasons as of late.

Rat in the house

With higher temperatures, pests can continue to reproduce, which is causing people to notice there's a lot more rats, mice, insects and other creepy crawlies running amok.

As for those hoping to keep pests out of their home during the winter months, it's advised homeowners check their property to ensure there are no cracks or seals on the windows or doors that unwanted guests can wiggle past.

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Additionally, it's advised that all food is sealed in airtight containers and homeowners clean up after themselves and not leave a single crumb behind that could double as a free meal.

While it's impossible to completely pest-proof a home, following these simple steps can help keep their numbers low.

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