The Greater Utica Area will only see 67% of Monday's solar eclipse; but, you could get 100% eye damage that is irreversible.

How Serious is the Damage to Your Eyes?

According to Live Science, if you look at the eclipse without the proper protective eye wear, you could experience serious permanent injury; however, warnings of blindness are probably overstated.

Scientists don't have a good bead on the prevalence of eye damage after a solar eclipse. In one study, conducted in 1999 after a solar eclipse visible in Europe, 45 patients with possible solar retinopathy showed up at an eye clinic in Leicester in the United Kingdom after viewing the eclipse. Forty were confirmed to have some sort of damage or symptoms of damage; five of those had visible changes in their retina.

Twenty of the patients reported eye pain, while another 20 reported problems with vision. Of the latter group, 12 reported that their sight had returned to normal seven months later, but four could still see the ghosts of the damage in their visual field, such as a crescent-shaped spot visible in dim light. -Live Science

Here's Where the Eclipse is Full

According to NASA, North Americans from Lincoln Beach, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina will see a total eclipse while everyone else in the nation will experience a partial eclipse.  What percentage of the sun will be blocked by the moon in the Mohawk Valley?

Click here to see Nasa's interactive map for the Mohawk Valley.

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