It was all just a horrible social media rumor, according to McDonalds. Irate social media trollers were all over the web this week complaining that McDonalds was not including their popular Hash Browns in the extended breakfast daytime menu.  Come to find out, the whole thing was just a big rumor.

On Tuesday, Mcdonalds restaurants across the country unveiled their new policy to serve breakfast all day long.  WIBX's Keeler Show contacted a local McDonalds on Tuesday to see if hash browns were on the menu and that's when we discovered the rumor.

Not all customers are completely satisfied, however.  The chain confirmed on Tuesday that the biscuit sandwich will not be served during the lunch and dinner hours.  Most of the country will be able to purchase the Egg McMuffin while portions of the southeast will serve the biscuit menu item.  McDonalds officials say that might change down the road, depending on demand.

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