A simple question on the Syracuse Reddit board is going viral- Has anyone else noticed a weird taste in the tap water lately? What's the answer?

u/SolarButterfly posted the question on the Syracuse Reddit:

Just started noticing a sort of dirt taste to the tap within the last few days."

Is there any real reason? One poster asked a follow up question on the taste, with a possible answer:

Does it taste like algae or mud?"

Yeah, it tastes like a pond. I know we’re a bit spoiled but I’m waiting impatiently for cooler weather again and yummy water."

Well, we may have an answer why the water tastes like that- Geosmin and MIB

What Is Geosmin And MIB?

According to Cobb County-Marietta Water, Geosmin and Methyl-Isoborneol (MIB, not Men In Black) are naturally occurring compounds that will leave a earthy, musty, or pond taste and odor in the water.

Geosmin and MIB do not pose a public health risk, but their presence can cause concern about the quality of drinking water. Utilities around the country may receive high numbers of customer complaints whenever a geosmin or MIB outbreak occurs in their water supply. Geosmin and MIB are some of the most difficult compounds to remove during water treatment."

Some kinds of algae and bacteria present in lake and reservoir water naturally produce geosmin and MIB. An increase in this typically happens during late summer into early fall.  Why? That's when lake levels are low and water temperatures are warm. Let's be honest, it's been very hot in the Central New York region these last few weeks.

Cobb adds that when Geosmin and MIB are noticeable, customers can add lemon juice and chill water in the refrigerator to improve the taste and reduce odors. Or, you could always buy a water filter.

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