A Sylvan Beach area man is under arrest, facing charges for allegedly manufacturing methamphetamine.

A search warrant was executed at the home of forty-three year old Wallace James Edick, who lives at 2501 Vienna Road in Blosvale, New York.

New York State Police Photo (2011)

New York State Police spokesman Trooper Jack Keller says that they were aided in their year and a half-long investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency and City of Oneida Police Department, who are still decontaminating the site.

Edick will appear before a judge later this morning.

Keller says that the work at the crime scene is far from over following the arrest because the entire area needs to be scoured of chemicals as those used to manufacture methamphetamine are highly volatile and therefore extremely dangerous.

He says that danger puts the entire community at risk.

New York State Police Photo (2013)

Keller says that the man arrested in the recent raid is indeed the same man, then identified simply as "Wallace Edick," who faced charges for a similar crime in 2011.  A link to Jim Rondenelli's story from that arrest is below:


Sylvan Beach Couple Arrested For Meth Lab

Sylvan Beach, NY (WIBX)- State Police have arrested a Sylvan Beach couple in connection with a methamphetamine lab. 41-year old Wallace Edick is charged with unlawful manufacturing of methamphetamine, criminal possession of methamphetamine manufacturing material and criminal possession and criminal sale of a controlled substance related to the discovery of a meth lab last August.