The pandemic has caused all sorts of confusion and delays. Take your driver license, for instance. During the shutdown in New York, it was all but impossible to get to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to renew your license. As a result, Governor Andrew Cuomo  allowed for a COVID grace period, accounting for the fact that it was difficult to stay up to date, but now New York is warning drivers, time to renew is running out.

New York's DMV just sent out emails to all of its customers on Tuesday, reminding them to renew online. It also asked users of their website to remind people they know that the renewal deadline is coming up and that renewal online is easy.

"If you or someone you know has an expired driver license, time is running out to renew," according to the DMV. "We just made it even easier to renew online — almost anyone whose license expired or will expire March through December can renew online and submit their vision test up to one year later. It takes just a few simple steps to complete the process. Thanks for helping us spread the word!"

The process does seem simplified, as long as you're willing to pay the fee. Log on to and follow the instructions.  The current fee for a basic Class D license in New York is $64.50. If you choose to get an Enhanced License which will allow you to enter Canada and Mexico and board a commercial flight, add $30. If you're renewing online, you don't need to change your photo and you'll have up to a year to compete the vision test.

"You can have a vision test done at any approved provider. The provider will need to sign the Vision Test Report (Form MV-619). Bring this form to the DMV office if you are renewing in person, or have the vision registry provider submit it electronically," according to the DMV.

There are once again tickets and fines related to driving with an expired driver license.

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