One of Rome's most popular pizzerias is named after one of the most famous members of the Rat Pack, at least it was. A cease-and-desist letter has been sent to the owners of Sinatra's Pizzeria and the name will now have to be changed.

The owner of Sinatra's took to the eatery's Facebook page to announce the news he's been holding under his hat for quite some time. He has been officially contacted by the Sinatra Family and Foundation asking him to kindly stop using the name he currently has for his business.

I received a cease and assist letter from the Sinatra’s foundation/Family from using the Sinatra’s name. They have been really nice and given me plenty of time to make the change. That said I have always tried to be transparent as possible and connected with our communities and customers that support us.

Sinatra On Tour
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The restaurant with two locations named for "Old Blue Eyes," Frank Sinatra, will now have to do some rebranding and they already have a few names in mind. However, they are taking suggestions. The owner says, "I wanna listen to any suggestions from anyone that might just have the perfect name. The name Sinatra’s came from a lady I knew for 2 minutes and it was a beautiful name and we tried to represent it with class."

This is a very sad day for this CNY staple, but the ownership assures customers that even though the name on the sign will change the products and customer service that patrons are used will NEVER change. You can help suggest a new name by visiting their Facebook post.

In the meantime you can show your support by visit one of their two locations either at 433 West Thomas Street in Rome or 128 Main Street in Oneida. You can order online through their website.

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