How low can one person be? A farmer in Vernon, New York claims a one-legged woman stole money from her family farm stand and it's not the first time.

The Schieferstine family sells vegetables, honey, and fresh maple syrup from a farm stand in front of their house in Vernon. Many stop to buy the fresh produce and sweets and some make change from the cash jar.  But others seem to have sticky fingers.

"If anyone knows this person, I need to have a chat with her," said Emily Schieferstine. "Her hand fell into our money jar once again and she managed to get away with more money. From what I've been hearing a lot of local stands have been hit."

Schieferstine says if the woman puts the money back she won't press any charges. "If not, I'll see her when she comes back."

In an attempt to stop the woman or anyone else from stealing from the farm stand in the future, Schieferstine has replaced the jar with a new cash box. "If someone tries to steal now they'll be trying a while. We did the jar so people could make change, but no more."

Credit - Emily Schieferstine
Credit - Emily Schieferstine

Schieferstine says she now knows the woman's name and did feel bad for her, until she heard rumors. "I found out she's been doing this for a very long time and was arrested in March. She could at least take the honey, eggs, and syrup if she's hungry. But she just likes the cash."

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