The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign the 10-year smoke alarm bill into law.

The bill, which requires all smoke alarms sold in New York State to have sealed, tamper proof, ten year batteries, now sits on his desk after passing both houses of the legislature.

President Robert McConville says the law would increase the safety of New Yorkers and firefighters alike.

"Too often we are called to the scene of a fire where the occupancy was devoid of a working smoke alarm, and as a result, serious injuries or fatalities are involved said McConville.   In addition, hundreds of firefighters are injured each year facilitating search and rescue operations at homes because of trapped occupants.  Where working smoke alarms are present, these occupants have a better chance of self-evacuating – eliminating the need for firefighters to conduct dangerous searches."

FASNY represents more than 90,000 volunteer firefighters across the State.

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