Florida is famous for it's citrus crops! Napa Valley, California is known for it's vineyards and the wine they produce. Will New York become the pot capital of the world? If a man from Greenfield Center and his wife have their way it will.

The name of the Greenfield Center guy is Kevin Bright. This dude is a co-creator of the television show Friends. If he was able to help create one of the most successful sitcoms in history imagine what he could do with weed!

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According to NBC 13, Mr. Bright and his wife Claudia own 400-acres of land in Saratoga County and they want to turn it into an agro-tourism industry destination. In other words, they want a marijuana farm!

New York Latest News reports that part of the property already has a farm, currently run by members of Claudia Bright's family. This farm produces maple syrup and the family intend to continue with that business. What Mr. and Mrs. Bright did was wait for opportunities.

Slowly property around the farm started to become available. As they went up for sale the Bright's purchased the land and now have 400-acres to work with and are looking to create that agro-tourism thing I mentioned before. So what exactly does that mean?

Think about farmers markets, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, petting farms and apple-picking farms. These are just some examples of agro-tourism. Now the Bright's want you to pick your own bud?

Exact plans are still unknown but Kevin and his wife believe it will create more than 100 jobs and bring visitors from the Northeast and around the country. First the Bright's need a cannabis license from New York state. In the meantime here are some of Kevin's television credits:

  • Johnny Cash Christmas (1979)
  • The Magic of David Copperfield
  • In Living Color (1990)
  • Friends (1994)
  • The Tracy Morgan Show (2003)
  • The Friends Reunion (2021)

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