A Camillus woman made the best of 6 inches of water inside her home after flooding from Tropical Storm Fred.

When Mother Nature gives you rain, lots and lots of rain, you might as well use it to your advantage. Melissa Lynn grabbed an inflatable chair and a cold drink to show the amount of water in her living room after Tropical Storm Fred rolled through Central New York.

Credit - Melissa Lynn
Credit - Melissa Lynn

It wasn't just homes either. Fred flooded roads all over the region. Shannon Cushman captured massive flooding at the bottom of stokes hill in Lee Center.

Roads were closed. Creeks and rivers spilled over. Basements flooded. Evactuation were made in Western.

Take a look at the widespread flooding devastation across Central New York.

Tropical Storm Fred Floods Yards, Homes, Roads All Across Central New York

Tropical Storm Fred dumped several inches of rain all across Central New York, flooding yards, homes and roads.

This isn't the first time non-stop rain has created flooding in Central New York.

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