The New York Giants revealed their alternate "Legacy Edition" uniforms for the 2022 season this week.  Could the Uniforms that were worn in Super Bowl XXV be a sign of what the Bills will soon announce?

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It has got to be one of the most painful moments in Western New York sports history.  January 27th, 1991.  Super Bowl XXV at Tampa Stadium in Tampa Florida.  The New York Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills in a heartbreaker, 20-19.  The Game, now known as 'wide right', was the first of four straight Super Bowl appearances by the Buffalo Bills, and also the first of four straight losses.

Why do we bring up such a painful memory in the middle of July?  Well, because this week, the New York Giants unveiled what they are calling their "Legacy Edition" uniforms.

The uniforms bear a striking resemblance to the ones that the team wore from 1980 through 1999, at which time they went to the basic jersey and pants, and retro "NY" on the helmets.

The uniform was also worn in the aforementioned Super Bowl XXV.  As teams around the league like Carolina and Houston have rolled out their alternate helmets, the buzz has been building around Western New York as to what the Bills might do. Many fans are clamoring for the return of the Red helmets worn during the team's last glory era.

Might this move by the Giants signal a return to red helmets for the bills?

Some of the other retro uniforms that have been rolled out are fire!  The Atlanta Falcons are returning to the red helmet of the early 80s.

And even though we loathe everything about the New England Patriots, at least we can say that they didn't return to the Flying Elvis design of the 90s, but rather opted for a return of "Pat The Patriot"

And best of all, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are bringing back the classic 70s/80s Creamsicle 2023.

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