If you have ever seen the classic mobster movie "Goodfellas," you may be familiar with the last heist the guys pulled off at JFK Airport - it's that job that triggered Robert DeNiro's character Jimmy to go off the deep-end and begin knocking off his crew members.
Well today, 36 years after the $5 million dollar heist, the FBI has announced the arrest and arraignment of five men from the Bonanno crime family in connection with the 1978 robbery.

According to the FBI, agents caught the five men in pre-dawn raids in several New York City locations today.

Among the arrests were Vincent Asaro, of Queens, and Thomas "Tommy D" DiFiore of Long Island.

All of the men face charges that include murder, murder conspiracy, racketeering and extortion.

The 1978 Lufthansa Heist netted the mobsters nearly $5 million in cash and $1 million in jewels.

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