Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

6 AM Hour

Happy Veteran's Day! And, some thoughts on last night's GOP debate

More audio from the GOP debate

FREE Money Winner!!

Checking in with Peter Franklin the Gabby Cabby

7 AM Hour

Woman so drunk she thinks she's God. And, Dunkin Donuts holiday cups. Are they trying to capitalize on the Starbucks controversy over their red cups?

John Zogby reacts to last night's Republican Presidential Debate on Fox Business. And, a caller with a fix for Keeler's cat trouble.

Canastota Police Chief Jim Zophy talks about the championship belts stolen from the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Discussing the value of the belts and who would steal them?

8 AM Hour

Andrew's sister Mary is in-studio for her weekly restaurant review - Sammy's Cafe in New Hartford.

Daniel Simone, author with insight into the Lufthansa Heist at JFK in 1978

Crazy news stories: ESPN affairs and harassment, plus some audio from the GOP debate

Legal Lis with more head-scratching stories from the legal world.

Final FREE Money Question of the Day

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