Senator Joseph Griffo is renewing his call for changes to the nursing home industry in New York.

Griffo says he believes reforms would help residents and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

He wants to implement a program that would allow families to designate individuals as essential caregivers.

Griffo also wants to expand and enhance ombudsmen programs at nursing homes.

And he wants to allow nursing home residents or their families to install a connected device like Amazon Alexa or Google Home in a resident’s room.

“COVID-19 has certainly exacerbated issues affecting residential care facilities, and there is no doubt that the nursing home industry needs a complete overhaul,”  Griffo said. “My recommendations are a good place to start.

The state Senate is expected to consider a number of bills related to nursing homes this week.

Governor Cuomo has announced that visitation at nursing homes can resume on Friday.

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