Senator Joseph Griffo is joining his Republican colleagues in the Senate to call for the repeal of the bail reform law that went into effect on January 1st.

Griffo and the Senate Republican Conference introduced an amendment this week that would repeal the new bail reform law, but the amendment was defeated along party lines.

“Bail reform was enacted last year without a single Republican vote and has resulted in criminals and potentially dangerous individuals being released back into communities throughout the state,” Griffo said. “I acknowledge that there is a need for criminal justice reform. However, as a result of this flawed reform and no input from important stakeholders such as district attorneys and law enforcement, the safety of New Yorkers is at risk. Fixing this disastrous new law remains a priority of mine. It’s time for the Majority to listen and take this issue seriously.”

The Deputy Minority Leader continues to support a bill which allows the courts to make the appropriate risk assessment based on an individual’s previous criminal history.

Judges do not have such discretion under the new law.

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