A local state lawmaker was honored today by the Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Senator Joe Griffo was presented with the inaugural CABVI Champion Award.

Griffo was recognized for his persistent work and dedication to CABVI’s mission

CABVI Champions are New York State legislators “who support opportunities for economic and personal independence for people who are blind,” said James B. Turnbull, Chairman of CABVI’s Board of Directors. “CABVI Champions are elected policymakers who have demonstrated support of nonprofit agencies serving people who are blind, in their district, through legislative actions.

A CABVI Champion must achieve four criteria:

1. Meet with a nonprofit agency representative that serves people with vision loss in their district or Albany offices.

2. Visit one of several nonprofit agencies in New York that employ people who are blind and producing products or providing services to state government customers.

3. Through their offices, purchase products sold by agencies that employ people who are blind

4. Supported employment opportunities for people who are blind through one of the following “on the record” communications

a. Letter of support

b. Press conference statement

c. Statement of support via social media

d. Statement of support in the Legislative Record

e. Introduction of the New York State Preferred Source Program to a state agency

f. Sponsorship of legislation supporting the New York State Preferred Source Program

“I am honored to receive the CABVI Champion Award. CABVI provides important resources and services to people who are blind or visually impaired and does important and exceptional work for the good of so many across our region and beyond," said Senator Griffo.


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