The Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired is a staple organization in Central New York and the list of their accomplishments continue to grow.

Earlier this year CABVI was given special recognition from Mohawk Valley EDGE for their work producing Personal Protective Equipment since basically the start of the Pandemic. The organization continues to be a beacon of hope, support and employment for those who are blind and visually impaired. Their efforts are not going unnoticed.

Officials announced Wednesday that the National Industries for the Blind has selected CABVI as the recipient of the "2020 Employment Growth Award." This award was given to the local charity for their work to employ, retain, grow, and provide upward mobility for people who are blind.

CABVI President and CEO Ed Welsh says, "2020 brought many challenges and significant changes to businesses across the country. But, I’m proud to say our employees pressed on with ambition, motivation, and flexibility. Our products were in high demand, so we made sure that we had the qualified staff on board to fulfill those orders. Retaining and recruiting employees in 2020 was both unique and rewarding. So this award is significant to each of us at CABVI."

Out of the 275 people who are employed by CABVI, 110 of those workers suffer from some form of blindness or visual impairment. With the award from the National Industries for the Blind, CABVI will receive a cash award from a fund specifically set up to continue to employ and lift up those with visual impairments. The tireless work at CABVI will always continue and this award is a great step in continuing in the right direction.

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