A 'community gathering' is planned Monday in Binghamton to 'speak out against Congresswoman Claudia Tenney's slurs against Italian Americans'.

A release from Central New York Citzens in Action says that gathering will happen outside Chroma Bakery on Court Street in Binghamton ahead of the Columbus Day Parade.The press advisory included media excerpts of the recently reported memo from the Tenney campaign where staffers were warned to be alert and aware of Demoratic challenger Anthony Brindisi's family's 'violence' and, 'thuggish behavior.'

The release from Citizen's Action says the group will call on the Republican congresswoman to apologize to 'Brindisi, his family and all Italian Americans.'

Raychel Renna, Tenney's re-election campaign manager issued this statement in response criticism from the Brindisi campaign following reports of the leaked memo:

"Anthony Brindisi wants to talk about every donor of Claudia Tenney’s, but now that the tables have turned, he doesn’t want to talk about his father—a man who has given him $5,400, a man who Brindisi is business partners with, and a man who Brindisi has called his 'mentor'.  Brindisi’s father’s behavior is a matter of public record. As an Italian American, I find Brindisi’s attempts to drag the Italian community into this to distract from his family's well documented criminal past shameful. Given the family history, the corruption we’ve seen in New York, and Brindisi’s close ties to Silver and Cuomo, voters deserve answers from Anthony Brindisi.”

Tenney is serving her first term in Washington and was previously a state assembly member. Brindisi, a Democrat, is currently a member of the NYS assembly.