The science behind the effectiveness of masks against Covid-19 has become the new “Inconvenient Truth.” There are 2 arguments: 1. Whether masks work, and 2. Whether you should be "forced" to wear one.

When you present scientific evidence to anti-maskers to refute their false narrative, they get so emotional, at times angry, and as I have seen today, verbally violent. On the other side, the pro-maskers get emotional because they can’t understand the inability of others to grasp the simple concept of a barrier that prevents a virus from being expelled from your mouth into your immediate environment and possibly infecting others around you that in turn can possibly cause harm or even kill them…all because you may be shedding the virus unaware that you have it.

Some people go into businesses that are privately owned and have a melt down when asked to put a mask on. They claim, “my body, my choice." But the truth is it's a PRIVATE establishment, and if the business decides they don't want anyone entering without a clown hat, so be it. It's their business, not your constitutional right. Case in point:  If your child doesn’t get vaccinated, they can’t go to a public school. What's the difference?

The science behind the effectiveness of masks is there.  If you would like to read any recent studies, I can send you the links.

If you are one of the ones that say, “if you don’t like it that I don’t wear a mask in a public establishment, then stay home."  Well I respond, there is a governmental mandate, if YOU don't like that, YOU stay home...or just be respectful and politely stay 6' away from those who choose to be safe. What's the big deal?

There is no reason to get upset and make this political. The real war is not between democrats and republicans. The real was is between inconvenience and science.

Nancy L. Ford
Oneida County Resident

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