The Hannaford Supermarket chain has announced a recall on a few of their products due to salmonella contamination concerns.

The Hannaford website lists a number of their 'Taste of Inspirations' brand products.

The following food items were specifically listed.

  • Rigatoni Casserole (10 lb. Bulk Frozen) - UPC: 4742631020
  • Taste of Inspirations Rotini Salad (4 lb. Bulk Container, 6/13 oz. Pre-Packaged Containers and Bulk) - UPC: 22417100000, 72543998422 and 22087100000
  • Taste of Inspirations Asian Pizza - UPC: 72543999548 BEST BY: 3/27/2019
  • Taste Of Inspirations South of the Border Pizza - UPC: 72543999549

If you've purchased any of the items in the list above, Hannaford is encouraging consumers return the product for a full refund. The Hannaford website states, "Hannaford works closely with suppliers and government agencies to provide customers with healthy, nutritious choices. Any product sold through our stores that has been recalled by the producer is removed from our shelves."

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