Two Utica teens are under arrest following two separate incidents in the Hannaford Parking lot in East Utica. Police say the suspects were attempting to steal vehicle keys from their victims.

Utica Police officials say units were called to the parking of the Hannaford Plaza on Mohawk Street for a reported robberies in progress. The first victim informed officers that two individuals, a man and a woman, approached them and tried to steal the keys to their vehicle right out of their hand. The victim resisted and was punched repeatedly. According to police, that victim was able to escape the clutches of the suspects and drove away from the scene.

As the first call was being responded to, a second incident was occurring at the same location. Police say the suspects attempted to steal the keys from this second victim and they were successful. As they were attempting to enter the vehicle, police arrived and a foot chase ensued.

Finally, a patrol officer was able to locate the male suspect and pursue him until they got to the corner of St. Vincent and Eagle Streets. A fight ensued when trying to detain the suspect, but ultimately police got them into custody. The female suspect was placed into custody a short time later a short distance away.

Photo Courtesy of Utica Police
Photo Courtesy of Utica Police

Both parties were transported to the Utica Police Department. It was learned the female suspect was 17-years-old and her identity will not be released. The male suspect was identified as 18-year-old Avery Butler of Utica. Both individuals were charged with Two counts of Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree and Robbery in Second Degree.

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