Dozens of animals died in a tragic fire on a rescue farm in central New York and a hawk is to blame.

A fire broke out in the barn on Purpose Farm in Baldwinsville. Several animals, including a couple of pigs, most of the goats and all of the birds, died in the blaze. "Our hearts are broken," the Seabrook family shared on Facebook.

Thankfully the dogs, horses, donkeys, alpacas and a camel were outside when the fire broke out, and two of the pigs and the small animals were safely inside the house.

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The family also lost over $5000 worth of hay, animal feed, all the tack, tools, and the family’s car in the blaze. "The Seabrook family is still processing the devastation, but they are also scrambling to provide care for the animals who survived.

"There has been a false narrative on one of the news stations that Pete the peacock started the fire by kicking over a lamp," the family said. "Our Pete did not cause the fire."

Video footage shows a hawk got in the barn to prey on smaller birds, and the family said Pete heroically tried to save his flock by chasing the hawk out. Tragically, the hawk knocked the lamp off as he flew away, starting the fire. "Hearing Pete is being blamed hurt, and we wanted to honor his memory by letting everyone know he was not at fault. We will miss our brave little peacock terribly."

Photo Credit - Purpose Farm via Facebook
Photo Credit - Purpose Farm via Facebook

The fire marshals are asking the public not come onto the property. If you want to help the Seabrook family, monetary donations are the best and fastest way.

You can donate on the Purpose Farm's Facebook page, make on online donation at or you can send a check or money order to:
Purpose Farm
1454 West Genesee Road
Baldwinsville NY 13027

Purpose Farm rescues abused and neglected animals, teaming them with children in the same situation. "We pair youth who have emotional trauma from neglect, abuse, and or being bullied and youth who have trouble adapting socially, with animals that have been rescued from similar circumstances. Through contact of our animal mentors & human mentors we want to give the children hope, love, joy, confidence and show them that they were made on purpose for a purpose."

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