Santa only uses his magic sleigh once a year, but someone actually figured how much it would cost to insure it.

How much do you think how much Santa's insurance policy costs? Whatever number you thought of, chances are you're far off the mark.

It Costs HOW Much??

The people at car culture publication Quartz crunched the numbers to see just how much it would cost to make sure Santa's covered in case his sleigh gets into an accident.

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The fact he's gone this long without a disaster - or one we know of - is very impressive considering he has to wrangle 12 reindeer at all time while making sure not a single gift slips out of the sleigh. That mustn't be easy.

Either way, kudos to the man in red for keeping a clean driving record and keeping his sleigh in tip-top shape.

While that would guarantee a lower insurance premium, the mileage he puts on his sleigh each year is cause for concern.

Santa sprints across the globe on Christmas Eve and delivers a jaw-dropping amount of presents, all without needing to fly back to the North Pole to restock and refuel his vehicle. That said, based on assumptions he travels the globe in one straight shot, that means he puts 75.5 million miles on his sleigh each and every year.

To make sure he finishes his trek in time, that means he puts the pedal to the metal and travels 650 miles per second - which is 3,000 times the speed of sound! Even though Santa hasn't racked up any speeding tickets, it's hard not to ignore just how fast he travels and that means a higher premium.

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Also dinging Santa's premiums are his age, considering he's been delivering presents to all the good little boys and girls for at least 1,753 years. Older drivers tend to pay higher premiums than middle-aged motorists.

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Lastly, think about where Santa parks his sleigh when it's not in use - the North Pole. Considering the area is a proverbial tundra filled with ice and snow, insurance premiums go up if a vehicle is stored in an area with an elevated risk of natural disasters and other sources of potential damage.

Santa Spends Major $$$ for His Insurance

With all these factors combined and comparing this information across major insurance providers, it means Santa pays about $82,550 a year just to insure his sleigh every year! That comes out to roughly $6,879 a month.

And that is a conservative guess.

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All About Insurance agent “Saint” Nick Vitali explained:

Full coverage is a must, considering the value of the sleigh and the high-risk nature of Santa’s job. This would include comprehensive and collision coverage... Typically, a standard vehicle insurance policy doesn’t cover the contents of the vehicle unless specifically stated. Given Santa’s unique situation, where his cargo is integral to his sleigh’s purpose, a specialized cargo insurance policy would be essential. This would protect against loss or damage to the gifts while in transit.

Given that Santa operates a global gift-delivery business, a robust business insurance policy is essential This would typically include general liability insurance to protect against any injuries or property damage caused by Santa’s operations. Additionally, considering the scale of his operation, a business owner’s policy combining property insurance, business interruption insurance, and liability protection would be advisable.

Vitali added that Santa would require a highly specialized policy due to his unique job and vehicle's nature. On that note, he thinks Santa saves cash by purchasing temporary policies that go in effect only when the sleigh is actually needed.

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You can read more about this hilarious finding HERE.

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